ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally®

Tally® users understand the value of the Tally and its features. Now, you can access your Tally data in near real time using the ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally, and enjoy access to Tally and BI tools on the road, in the office - anywhere! ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally provides online and offline access to critical tools and data from the Tally systems. The mobile app represents an evolution and expansion of the ISV relationship between ElegantJ BI and Tally.

ElegantJ BI ISV partner for Tally Business Intelligence


  • Key Indicators
  • Trend Tracking and Analysis
  • Recent Transaction Review and Analysis
  • Share reports in PDF and XLS formats via WhatsApp, email and other options
  • All ledgers are displayed
  • All products are displayed
  • Seamless search options and text searches throughout the app
  • Full company data extraction is fast and easy
  • Rapid app loading
  • Near Real-time access to your Tally data on the go
  • Easy-to-use, convenient native mobile app user interface


  • Leverage your familiar, valuable Tally data and investment
  • Access to critical Tally data in near real time on mobile devices, from anywhere
  • ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally extends the office environment and allows for swift analysis and decisions from anywhere
  • Free to download. It takes 2 minutes to register, 10 minutes to get started, and is free to use for 1 month
  • Affordable licensing fees (following 1 month free trial period)
  • Awesome support for download, registration and training


  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Accessible online and offline (to save expensive data transfer)
  • Near Real-time data access
  • Supports multi-company data
  • Provides a snapshot of key indicators such as cash balance, bank balance, receipts, payments, stock, inwards, outwards, payable, receivable etc.
  • Reveals trends year-over-year, with Daily, Month to Date(MTD), Year to Date(YTD) balances
  • Gives latest balance & transactions for taxes and duties, including GST
  • Displays Last ten transactions of various types
  • Supports ledger inquires
  • Includes awesome support from our support team and partner network
Included in ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally


The ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally is founded on elegant, simple and secure technology and architecture.

How ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally Works

On-premises Tally installation is connected to the Desktop App
Desktop App connects to secured cloud server to push data at predefined frequency
Native mobile app communicates with the cloud server to fetch and display required data, graphs and reports
All interaction and transactions are secure

INSIDE ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally

  • Free to download
  • 1 month free evaluation
  • Rs. 1999 per year, following free evaluation period
  • Unlimited companies and unlimited data transfer
ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally
ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally - on Google Play Store
ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally - on App Store


If you wish to download and use the ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally, or if you have already downloaded the app and you require support, you have come to the right place.
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Please contact us for support: Email: support@TallyMobileApp.com, Call: +91 97277 92024, Mon-Friday, except Indian public holidays from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM.


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